preparing for adoption - a 31 day series

Guess what, friends?  We’re adopting!  As part of the write31days challenge, I’m writing every day this month about our journey so far.  Consider this post your home base, where you can easily get to each post in order.  Here we go!  And hey, if you scroll down a little further, get details on an awesome giveaway for all the Write 31 Days readers!

  1. let’s start from the very beginning
  2. adoption 101
  3. pride training
  4. present tense – the homestudy, part one
  5. it’s media monday y’all!
  6. meet the team
  7. i get by with a little help from my friends
  8. praying for the players
  9. hyperlink city
  10. a question of risk
  11. many members, yet one body
  12. it's media monday, y'all! part 2
  13. about fostering
  14. finding him
  15. glory and honour and peace
  16. notes on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
  17. and the rest is history
  18. this means war
  19. it's media monday, y'all! part 3
  20. the race thing
  21. mythbusters
  22. recasting the good samaritan
  23. present tense - homestudy homestretch
  24. early notes on attachment
  25. notes on loss
  26. it's media monday, y'all! part 4
  27. future reference
  28. open letters - to my husband
  29. open letters - to my children
  30. open letters - you, in the red minivan
  31. open letters - to little one


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