Howdy!  My name is Leah.

I am the daughter of a patient and ever-faithful God.
I have been married for 19 years to the craziest, funniest guy I know.
I am mother to three very different yet equally darling children.
I live in constant tension between organic produce and theatre popcorn with extra butter, ice cream and things that are deep-fried and crunchy.
I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts while commuting, thrift stores, white wine with girlfriends, adverbs, shoveling snow, cilantro, looking at the sky while I walk, and laughing with my siblings.

This life I have been building has several facets and I aim to share about each of them with you:

  • Relationships 
  • Finances
  • Home
  • Faith Life
  • Everyday Life
  • Self-Care

In case you missed it, here's how this adventure started.

Here's how I feel about being called religious.

And then there was the time I wrote a letter to 1994 me.