The conversation at each gathering will be guided around a specific theme.  Below are descriptions of each one, to help you decide which one to attend!


Celebration Over Comparison - In this culture of supermoms, image-driven media, party-zillas and the glorification of *itch, how do we embrace our own identities and our collective diversity?

Friendship Through Suffering - In the midst of trials like illness, addiction, loss, family breakdown, how can we best support each other?

A Whole Lot of History - Some of our friendships date years, maybe decades back.  Let's share our stories and ideas for successful care of our long-term friendships. 

Across The Miles - We will explore how to maintain and strengthen time-zone-and-distance-defying bonds.

In Light of Eternity - What does Christ-centered sisterhood look like in your datebook? In your conversations? Inside and outside your own church? What can we do to best glorify God through our relationships with each other?