the rules

Let's make sure we can all reap the benefits of the warm, fuzzy, safe place these gatherings are intended to be.

  • What happens at the table stays at the table - we are entrusting our stories, pain, dreams and ideas with each other, and the trust these are laid on is sacred.  I will be making an audio recording of our conversations only for the purposes of my own personal note-taking.  Any use beyond that will be done with your permission.
  • All things are shared to edify - we will speak only words that are rooted in respect, empathy, and humility, for the purpose of reaching the goal - learning how to be a better friend, together.
  • The invisible conch - we will bless each other with our full attention, allowing for uninterrupted sharing of stories and ideas. This includes refraining from tending to our electronica for non-note-taking purposes.
  • Say cheese - as long as it doesn't get disruptive, feel free to take photos!  I will!  If you decide to post any on social media, please include the tag #carusproject in your caption.  Just so you know, any photos I post will be done (without tags) on my public That Abundant Life accounts (top-right corner of this screen)