you don't have to be helpless

Bianca Olthoff pleaded one day in November, don't just pray for justice, act justly. It is stuck in my brain, two months later. From my safe corner of this world, I hear about cops killing boys, about racism being alive and well in 2015, about 27 million in slavery, about cartoonists being murdered. And I feel helpless because I don't live in Ferguson or Thessaloniki or Paris. And I don't know which organization to trust enough to send money to in my stead. Because I can't leave the safety of my home, my family, my job, my corner and step into risk and onto the front lines. But maybe that's not where I am supposed to be anyway.

Maybe I'm supposed to love wildly from my corner. I know people in hard places. I have access to the spoils of slavery. I live with and work with and am related to lots of people who are different from me. Maybe I am supposed to, at this time in my life, walk alongside someone in their hard place. Be responsible for how I clothe and feed and entertain myself. Listen to, talk to, forego winning against, understand, forgive, well, everyone.

Then perhaps I might do some of my part in seeking God's justice - as Eugene Cho* defines: renewing the world to where He would have intended it to be.


*Social Justice and the Love of Money reading plan with Eugene Cho, YouVersion. Super-awesome.