would you, could you, in the dark?

Reluctantly, but for the sake of conversation, my bus driver asked me how I was enjoying the book I was reading.  A Lucky Life Interrupted by Tom Brokaw.  I had already read over 150 pages since cracking the book open yesterday and eager for the home stretch this afternoon.

Released in May, the book is a memoir of his recent journey through multiple myeloma, without shortage of glimpses into the state of the US health care system, anecdotes as a world-class journalist, and reflection on his life, marriage, family and career.

“It’s really good.”

He could barely look at the book in my hand, recalling that I had told him that it was about his cancer journey yesterday morning.  There was a “to each his own” air to his half of the conversation that followed and he repeated that he can’t read that “stuff”.

“But you don’t even know what’s in it.”

It seemed he had been beaten down by family and friends’ illness over the years that the thought of diving into something like this would draw out too much darkness.

I felt like I was in Green Eggs and Ham twilight zone.

“Try it! Try it! You will see!”

After assuring him that I was not immune to the impact of cancer and premature death, I tried to sell him on the idea of adopting an (say it with me) attitude of gratitude and the risk of sticking to what feels safe but is actually fear-based.

And then we reached my stop and got off.

How many times do we let fear stop us from knowing more?  Understanding the world better?  Understanding each other’s hearts better?
Had I taken a peek into the book at the library, saw it was about cancer and said ick, can’t handle that one, I would have missed out on a beautiful piece of writing.

This lesson is serving me as a reminder to be brave enough to find out more.  To ask questions.  To try something different.  To refuse safety and ignorance and allow my faith to maybe take me to the Say, I like...