why i loved summer camping trip no. 1 - the baker's dozen

We went camping this weekend, about an hour and twenty minutes away from home.  In a quiet moment inside the tent while the rest were playing cards outside, I took inventory of what my senses and I were loving about this little getaway, à la One Thousand Gifts.

  • The swift sway of the surrounding trees' branches
  • Tent doors opening via zipper
  • The song of birds that we don't have at home
  • The freedom of having no set schedule
  • The multitude of stars visible in the night sky
  • The decisions the kids make out here, choosing games and sports over anything electronic
  • Watching Mom in her sweet spot - cooking and caring for her kids and grandkids
  • The laughter
  • The ice cream. Local dairy - the flavours and portions are unmatched
  • Simplicity. We need very little here.
  • Watching Uncle and the kids play together
  • Unwinding. Relaxing.
  • Gravel. Unneatness. Dirty. Natural.

My love of campfires deserves its own 1-item list (aka I can't believe I didn't write that down).


This week, whatever you do, jot down what your senses and heart are savouring.  Enjoy!