when God nudges you about your marriage on youtube


A dear friend of mine shared a video the other day titled Blind Devotion:

My lip was quivering, watching this story of a young marriage evolve. And then I heard something at 8:00 and had to rewind. And rewind. And rewind. With every replay came a switch of context in which the final lines were said. And each switch back and forth drew more tears and an even deeper understanding of the message.

Cecilia will never know how much I do for her, and I don’t ever need her to know. That’s how I still love her.

Well First. Of. All. My name is Cecilia. If I felt like God was trying to teach me something in that moment, He had my attention.

Even though the video was about a husband and a wife, I immediately heard these words in Jesus’ voice. And so I lost it. Oh Jesus, how good you are to me, all the time, especially when I’m not paying attention and when I ignore you. And you keep count of all the hairs on my head and all that good stuff........

And then I heard it in my husband’s voice. And then switched around a few words so that I was the one talking. And there it was: a reminder of my purpose as a wife. To lavish this man with that exact outrageous, merciful, humble, patient love that God pours over me. And of course the same goes for him.

How wildly unreasonable, though, for us to expect this from each other without fail. I am not perfect and neither is he.

We need God to be present in our marriage 24/7. Operative word: need

After seventeen years of hard work, my marriage flies when we both allow God to take the lead. It still hobbles about sometimes, I'll admit, when we regress and rely on our own strength to love each other. Like with our children, God has placed the welfare of my husband, in part, under my charge.  And my calling as his wife is to translate God's agapeo kind of love into a practical, daily partnership, with eyes first fixed above before setting them on my husband or into the mirror.

And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins. (‭I Peter‬ ‭4‬:‭8‬)