what meanwhile really wants to mean to you


The world has become desensitized to the spectacle. It takes the extremely scandalous, the extremely heinous, the extremely lavish to get our attention these days. And so we have become dependent on the big events - the postable moments - for stimulation, leaving every other moment unworthy of our consideration. Kara Tippetts' story begs us to behave otherwise. Married with four kids, you might imagine a numbing, Groundhog Day-type cycle of chaos. But you throw cancer in the mix and suddenly you are forced to think more deeply about the value of and approach to daily life. She has chosen to celebrate the mundane and be acutely present.

She is definitely on to something.

On the way to the big day, the promotion, the arrival of a child, the next awesome event, there are quieter but still valuable experiences also awaiting our attendance.

Let's choose doing life, being present and inviting the amazing over waiting for the next big thing to happen in our lives. Some of the greatest moments can happen in that in-between time (take a walk on the road to Emmaus, Luke 24:13-35).

So tonight we are having chicken wings for dinner. On the good plates. Sure, we have a couple of birthdays and our anniversary in the next ten days, but I think we'll celebrate the meantime, in the meantime.


What would make the next empty space in your calendar really special?