this means war #write31days

The first half of John 10:10 ain't no lie.  The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.  He's a deceiver, a tempter and a dispenser of shame.

Never more than in these past three years have I witnessed him in action.  If you think he has nothing to do with the tumultuous points of your marriage or family life, think again.  As we align more to God's design for our family, he gets agitated and whips wrenches at us, attempting to interrupt our path.  It has happened so many times that we are now able to predict his approach.  Now we can detect our out-of-character hostility and squash it right away, but in the first year of this process, he seized us, threatened our marriage and family, and derailed our plans for a few months.  We were tricked into believing that we couldn't possibly be qualified to adopt because our family was so messed up.

I had to get all Elizabeth from The War Room on him (Say wha? You didn't watch it? Watch it.) and address him out loud, rebuking him and calling him on all the crap he was throwing at my marriage and my family. We prayed prayed prayed. I begged God to get us back on track, praised Him and then surrendered us to Him.

Joyce Meyer always warns, new level, new devil.  Whenever you approach a new depth of relationship with the Lord, the enemy does whatever he can to mess with your head to stop it.  Hours before I went live with this series, things started going haywire at home.  We recognized it and straightened everything out.

Don't be afraid of the enemy. Recognize his work in your life, address him directly and without fear, praise God in the same breath, and then pray for continual protection of you, your marriage and your family.

Tell that deceiver who's Boss.