important meetings require chips and plastic mermaids

This is what our latest executive summit looked like.  Best Tuesday ever, in the city, the milder tail end of a heat-warning summer day.
Some might call it date night.  Now that the kids are older, my husband and I are better about time alone, even if it’s just sneaking out onto the bench on our porch (Shauna Niequist shares this type of simple necessities for your marriage here).  I call it a summit because these dates are often when we make our biggest decisions.  It’s part respite from the chaos, part simple enjoyment of each other’s undistracted company, part planning session.  When we wrap these outtings in intention, we are more honest with our input, merciful in disagreement, and we accomplish goals.  There are hard questions, backing down, and deep breaths, but there are also always toasts, handshakes, high fives and hand-holding.

My favourite kind of meeting.