the word for 2015 and my first 5 goals


A theme seems to emerge over the course of each year for me, for three years now.  I start noticing a commonality in my experiences and decisions for the first few months and once I identify and name it, I adopt it as a sort of policy, a guiding principle for the remainder of the year.  I can’t quite use one word as Claire Diaz-Ortiz does, but a single phrase still ties the theme up pretty tightly.  I didn’t read anything about it, nor am I taking credit for the idea.  In fact, it appears to already be a thing, with a book and study and everything.  It sort of just happened to me, and I recommend you give it a shot.  A more formal, longer process of shaping the year ahead may not be a realistic exercise for you, and admittedly, since writing my last post, I am struggling a bit with scheduling a complete review-and-planning session.  But I will testify to the power that a single guiding word or phrase can have on your year and life. 2012 – Joy

2013 – Fight Complacency

2014 – Making Others Feel Loved

Like I said on Wednesday, this year I’m putting the horse in its proper place in front of the cart and establishing the theme at the start of the year.  Early this chilly morning (you guessed it, in the dark), my word was whispered to me.


I have some ideas on how this could manifest, but I definitely need to take some time to figure this out.  And I will.  Because looking back on the year so far (aka yesterday) I unknowingly applied the principle and it felt great and right.

In the meantime, here are some smaller-scale goals that I have set for the year:

  1. Get a houseplant.  Keep it alive.
  2. Decide on a Twitter handle (@thatabundantlife has one too many characters. Hmpf.)
  3. Read 3 fiction books.
  4. Run 10k.
  5. Take a calligraphy course.


What intentional steps are you taking to shape your 2015?