the 30,000 ft view

Plane ride pic_052014

I could look at this picture all day. My big sister took it this past spring as she ascended from her home and towards mine.  The engine looks superimposed at times, and at others the mountains resemble small piles of spilt salt.

I don’t fly often but when I do, it lends me opportunities to regain perspective.  I scam the window seat from my husband, and after my take-off prayers (which admittedly include tightened tummy and even more tightly closed eyelids), I watch the world shrink below me.  The streets become tangled lines, the pin-sized cars sliding through the maze.  I count the tiny, bright aqua swimming dots, search for the baseball diamonds and marvel at the now-miniature shopping mall parking lots.

Then up, up we rise over the clouds and regardless of the weather that day, it’s bright and blue and mute and endless.  So beautifully simple.

This image represents the balance I pursue everyday.  To thrive in this world while glorifying its Creator.  To recognize His gifts of inspiration and talent that feed into invention and construction while marveling at the natural, incomparable wonders surrounding me that He simply breathed and spoke into existence.  To exercise my will wisely while surrendering to Him what is His to manage.  To understand that so many decisions we make down there are quite trivial and that so many tiny people down there need to be loved, to be listened to, to find hope.

It’s a way of living that I am still a student of, and my selfish self really sucks at it sometimes.  But thankfully I’ll take a plane once in a while, or find myself in a quiet, contemplation-ready moment (or actually in a noisy, chaotic one sometimes too) when I can hear the whisper reminding me to see things His way.