It’s hard to grow when everybody’s watching - Christy Nockels, “For Your Splendor”

I’ve been off social media since the summer, so it’s been six, seven months without Facebook and Instagram.  No vacation chronicles, no first day of school photos, no Halloween costumes, no Christmas decorations or festivities.  No birthdays or anniversaries, no new babies, no fantastically-plated food. I just heard that Taya Smith is engaged. Heard.

It wasn’t really planned, not really new.  I have done this before, like for Lent.  But it feels really different this time.  Very necessary.

The decision was, I think, one of several self-care measures I’ve taken since we moved.  Another facet of the whole simplifying business.  I had already been posting pretty infrequently, but it was the input that I could no longer handle.  I was overwhelmed with all the change, and all that extra stimulation was adding to it.

So I just stopped.

It feels so good.  There’s space in my brain again.

And last night a dear friend helped me realize that if I didn’t do it, all that hard work we did last year would have been for naught.  

If I didn’t restrict myself from seeing how everyone I knew and every influencer I followed was upsizing their homes or fixer-upping or furnishing or sharing home decor trends, I would lost confidence in the sacrifice we made.  I needed time in a vacuum to marinate in our new lifestyle, to let these newly-adopted values really sink in deep.  I still need more time.  Actually, the break is indefinite at this point.  As a wise person told me about the same decision, you’ll know when it’s time to get back on.  And I don’t know, so I’ll stay off.


So this is all I can do right now.  Kick it old school and just blog.  And if you read what I write and you like it, cool; you don’t even have to click anything.