present tense – homestudy homestretch #write31days

Our fourth homestudy visit was scheduled for this afternoon but we had to reschedule.  This one was supposed to focus on the kids.  First we would be interviewed about them and then they would be interviewed, together unless they requested otherwise.  Last night we had a conversation about what they might be asked.  They got pretty silly, to the point where I started to lose my patience, I confess.  But then I realized that they were nervous.  If being asked countless questions about life and home and relationships is already foreign and nerve-wracking for us, what more for the kids?  We re-approached it with a bit of “okay for real though”s and more encouragement.

Maybe one more visit after that.  Our case worker still has to take a look around the house to see how we comply with the home safety guidelines.  Here’s a random sampling of them:

•    Maximum temperature of hot water in bathroom 49 degrees Celcius or less.
•    Telephone access available.
•    Smoke Detector(s) in working order located on each floor and outside of bedrooms.
•    A child over six years of age will not share a bedroom with a child of the opposite sex.
•    All adults over the age of 18 years using firearms have a Firearms License
•    Alcohol is inaccessible to children.
•    Pets have been inoculated and shots are up-to-date
•    Valid Driver’s License for each person driving children.

With only three weeks until the Adoption Resource Exchange, you can do the math…we won’t be AdoptReady by then.  Our case worker still has to write her assessment after the interviews are finished so, dare I give life to the thought, we may not be certified until early December.  I still plan to be very intentional at the ARE though, taking a look at the profiles more deeply than we did last spring, as if our homestudy is already complete.

In the meantime, there is no shortage of activity to fill the waiting in the weeks to come.  Birthdays, audits and other adventures at work, tidying up the house, and more school activities than I can keep track of.  And lots of prayers for patience and trust.