it’s media monday y’all! #write31days

(Okay that's just me pretending I'm from the southern States and not southern Canada.  Sometimes 'eh' gets old.)

Every Monday I’m going to share some of my favourite digital awesomeness from the world of adoption, child welfare and orphan care.

This week I present to you three videos that wreck me every time I watch them.

This is The Story of I – a darling animated musical video from Wendy’s Canada & Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

The Ivey Story – a mini-documentary following the family of Jamie Ivey, one of my all-time favourite podcasters and mom of four, three of whom are adopted – produced for The Austin Stone, a church community in Austin, TX that actively supports orphan care ministry.

How I use the internet to build familiesHank Fortener at TEDxChisinau – Hank started a crowdfunding initiative to help families better afford adoptions – a perfect example of the diversity within the calling of orphan care.  He's also one of the founders of the World Adoption Day movement (Remember my smiley-faced high-five? Post one on November 9!)

Enjoy! #hyperlinksfordays