it's media monday, y'all! part 2 #write31days

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  There are places to go, people to hug, turkey to be eaten, food comas to be had.  I'll be quick.  But first I want you to know how thankful I am for God's blessing that has poured all over this little project of mine.  We have gotten such beautiful responses from friends and family since sharing our story, and even discovered among a few kindred spirits who are also contemplating or actively pursuing orphan care.  My heart is about to burst just thinking about it.

Here are some quick links for you to enjoy today.

Cooper Comes Home - Here is a short video documenting the family of Jennie Allen, a writer, leader, speaker and author of one of the books that helped me confirm my calling to write and to adopt.  It's the Gotcha Day back in 2011 when Cooper became a part of their family. 


The Archibald Project - This is a link to the whole video page for the organization I mentioned yesterday about photographing adoptions.  I haven't watched them all but let's check them all out together.

Cherish the day and love on your family and friends!