hyperlink city #write31days

Today I want to share a few posts from writers that I follow...

How to Be The Village - by Jen Hatmaker - You might recognize her from HGTV, or her books, or maybe you've heard her speak at a conference.  She's been on The Today Show too.  This woman is awesome.  I think she's the reason I decided "y'all" was a necessary addition to my vocabulary.  This post from 2011 is her advice to the community of new adoptive families.  I'm going to read this a few more times myself; it gives a glimpse into what she calls Waiting Purgatory and the first months out of what I'm calling Hypothetical Land.

Dear Jamie, you will love him. - by Jamie Ivey - Remember her?  This is a blog post from 2013.  She writes a letter to the 2005 version of herself (you know I love that) about the arrival of her second son, whom she and her husband adopted domestically.  She's got a whole collection of wonderful posts about adoption, with insights on both domestic and international adoption.

Our Paper Pregnancy - by Amanda Whiting at Today Was Salty - Amanda is a fellow 31 day writer who is also taking her readers along with her on her family's adoption journey.  I can't shake this particular post.  It provides such an honest perspective about the waiting children and the families that seek to be their parents.