hearing is believing


Until two years ago, I didn't know this existed.Thousands of people, a hundred scoring a spot in the pit, singing along, jumping and cheering with arms sky-high. Looks like your typical concert.

Only every song is about Jesus.

I watched this kind of scene for the first time on YouTube, gobsmacked. Seriously? People get this pumped? I'll admit, it wasn't just foreign to me. It was weird.

Soon after, I found myself at an event not dissimilar to the video. And I got bit. Not a stoic face to be seen. As Oprah refers to her show's record-breaking flash mob, it was joy rising. I witnessed songs taking on lives of their own, getting all extendamix on us as we gave into some supernatural invitation to continual, musical prayer.

Today, my repertoire of Christian music is no longer just Sunday-morning hymns from the thick volumes stored in the pew cubbies. It has expanded to include a spectrum of genres elevated to praise and worship. There are sweet ballads that speak of God's faithfulness, lyrical declarations of His power, heavy metal testimonies...you name it, it's out there.

It was both strange and delightful two weeks ago to watch videos of Lecrae, a Billboard chart-topping Christian rapper, with my children without bracing myself for explicit content. With mainstream radio getting racier and more inappropriate for, well, all ears, it's refreshing to have a whole category of music that is always positive and encouraging.

And just like the bible (but let's save that for another day), these songs are relevant to everyone, from saints to sinners, broken people, thirsty people, lost people, all living on present-day Earth.

So check out any of these.  You just might find yourself humming along.

Only Your Love - Kari Jobe Hello My Name Is - Matthew West Background - Lecrae Ft. Andy Mineo God Is Able - Hillsong Live Brave - Moriah Peters Be Loved - Christy Nockels