books i'd read twice - daring greatly

I'm a bit late coming to this party.  This book came out in 2012 and I only just got my hands on a copy a few weeks ago at the library.  I had to snatch this image of the book because I sub-lent it to a friend.  I am definitely purchasing a copy of my own that I can dog-ear, highlight and read over and over again.

This book is a game-changer.  I don't need to give my own review - just Google the title or head over to for the countless nuggets of wisdom that jump off of each page.  Love, belonging, shame, vulnerability, truth, wholeheartedness.  Community, parenting, career, leadership.....

Daring Greatly has made me brave to be me, to understand the hearts of others, and to pursue an authentic, whole heart for myself, for the benefit of everyone and everything within my reach.

"Spiritual connection and engagement is not built on compliance, it's the product of love, belonging, and vulnerability." - p. 177


Want to know what I'm reading?  What's books are on my radar?  What books made me just so darn wise?
Well so do I!  I created a few Pinterest boards to keep track of them all.  Mainly to keep my head straight - I'm one of those crazy ladies who reads multiple books at one time - but feel free to follow them!  And please share your book recommendations too!

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books i'd read twice

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