meet the team #write31days

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I have ever gave a clear bio of my family, save for a charming little description on my about page.  So before I go any further, allow me to introduce you to the team.





 Us last month celebrating how much we love ice cream.

Us last month celebrating how much we love ice cream.

This is Ben.

We met in high school, dated when I was in university and got married at the ripe old age of 21.  We’ll be celebrating 18 years of marriage next month.  I could talk for days about how I feel about marriage and what it takes to make it thrive.  I love being married to this guy and I love how the edges of our dynamic have softened over the years.  We are partners in all things.  This calling is not a dream of mine that he is supporting, even though it came to our attention through my own experiences (more on that later this week).  It is 100% a joint endeavour, where pockets of this 3-year turnaround have been deliberate pauses to re-align and ensure we were both on the exact same page before taking the next step.  


These are our kids.

Girl-girl-boy; 17, 14, 11.  They are different combinations of me and Ben, with varying degrees of crazy, athleticism, love of music, math, affection…
As I type this, there is excessive ruckus downstairs for a Monday evening, but it consists of uncontrollable laughter, animated conversation, and cookie-baking in our new oven (Remember my oven popped? We finally got a new one! Yay!).  The adoption journey for them appears to have been filled with cautious excitement.  It’s taken longer than any of us expected, and until they have their turn to be interviewed by our case worker in a couple of weeks, their involvement in the actual process has been minimal.

We live in a 4-bedroom townhome in a suburb north of Toronto that suffers from painful commuter traffic but is overflowing with resources.  The kids’ schools and our church are a ten minute walk south, east and north respectively, from home.  Ben and I both work outside of the home full-time in neighbouring(ish) cities.


This is our fourth child.

Okay, obviously that's not the child, but I thought I should assign a picture. And I'm a sucker for mini jean jackets. The preferences we have set in our profile are a single (as opposed to a sibling group) boy, between the ages of 3 and 7 years.  We have no ethnic background preference, but we have been told that matching heritage is taken into consideration (I will definitely be writing about that in a future post.).  We don’t know much else.  Only that he is likely already born, perhaps within an hour radius from us, and needs our prayers.  A bonus will be that he loves Chinese food as much as we do.