a step forward

a step forward

I thought I knew Him. I grew up in a religiously religious family.  I was educated in faith-based schools, like, all the way.  I went to church every week.  Sometimes more.  Sometimes less.  I prayed prayers.  I helped out.  I did good.  I wrote the word “bless” on birthday cards.

And the whole time I was thirsty.  For Something.

For years I lived in bland obedience to a Divinity I could barely make out from the nosebleeds.

Then one day I took a step forward for a closer look, and there He was.  Right beside me and in everything.  Like the black and white crop expands from Kansas to full-screen technicolour Oz, my life and the world around me burst open with an awareness and relationship that both satisfied and multiplied my hunger.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. –John 10:10

I am not a theologian, nor have I been inexplicably cured from a terminal disease.  And I am not perfect.  I’ve just learned some things that I really want to share with you, as your friend.  Your sister.

I didn’t win the lottery and buy a house on Easy St with a unicorn on the driveway.  I have had to make difficult decisions, paddle upstream against the culture and wade painfully in surrender.  But that has led to bearing witness to the miraculous, enjoying deeper and more authentic relationships and knowing a truer, more peaceful joy than I ever thought possible.

It remains a life on this earth, but it is a life of richness beyond any worldly measure that just keeps unfolding.

Maybe you know Him already.  Excellent!  Maybe you kinda know him.  Super.  Maybe you don’t.  That’s okay.  Maybe you think He sucks.  That’s okay too.  Either way, I hope you’ll stick around and check out this journey with me, and maybe try one on yourself for size.

Because that abundant life John talks about?  There’s an invitation attached to it for each of us.

All you have to do is say yes.