7 podcasts that will elevate your mundane


My trips to or from work can take anywhere from 40 minutes to just over 2 hours.  There are days when reading or writing on the bus works and some when it just makes me want to barf.  And then of course when I drive in, I can only rely on something audio to entertain and educate myself.  And the radio does not do either.  If I hear Nick Jonas chant the word jealous one more time I’m going to do something un-Christian. I live off of podcasts.  In the car, when I’m in the kitchen, while I run, it’s my audio-of-choice.  There are a loooot of them out there, but here’s a list of what has kept me entertained, educated, inspired and mobilized.  Two thumbs and ears up on all of them!

  1. InspiredToAction.com – Inspiration for Motherhood with Kat Lee – Kat Lee is a breath of fresh air. She has a gentle voice and the 30-second intro to her podcast is enough to blur your vision with tears, so be careful when you’re driving!  Each podcast is a conversation with other writers and fellow mothers about certain issues that are important to moms in all stages of parenthood.  Travel, finance, comparison, being overwhelmed, personality types…this podcast is so rich in insight and encouragement.
  2. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey – Jamie Ivey is a married mother of four with a passion for God, intentional marriage, adoption, reading and is wonderfully down to earth. She chats with women, including her own girlfriends, about all these things and more.  It’s a fun and engaging listen!
  3. The City Church with Judah Smith – Last year I had the blessing of hearing Pastor Judah Smith preach both at The City Church in Seattle, WA and in our neck of the woods. These are recordings of the weekly services’ messages.  Listen to Judah’s brilliant analogies between the everyday world and God’s Word, and enjoy his infectious laugh.
  4. The God-Centered Mom Podcast with Heather MacFadyen – Heather is another amazing advocate for mothers striving for intentional and Christ-centered parenting. She is the mom of four young boys so there is no shortage of field experience.  She is so humble and encouraging and, like Kat Lee, has conversations with a variety of people to discuss issues relevant to new moms, seasoned parents and everyone in between.
  5. Happier with Gretchen Rubin – This is a new one, with only four episodes under her belt. Gretchen Rubin is the author of the bestseller The Happiness Project.  She and her sister Elizabeth Craft provide practical and easy-to-apply suggestions, information and personal stories that encourage listeners to, naturally, be happier.
  6. Passion City Church Podcast – Louie Giglio is the pastor of Atlanta’s Passion City Church and founder of the Passion Conferences. He is a gifted speaker and his weekly sermons leave no doubt that he is about empowering his community and the youth to change the world and make the name of Jesus famous throughout the world.
  7. Relevant Podcast – If my family hears me laughing by myself in the kitchen, they know I’m plugging into this week’s installment of this podcast. A branch off of Relevant Magazine, this is basically a radio morning show that features interviews and discusses current events and pop culture from a Christian perspective.  And it is fun-ny.  Let’s just say last month, one of the guys raised $36,000 for Charity Water through a challenge that had him listening to the entire Nickelback catalogue on a loop for an entire week.  Fridays can never come soon enough for me, for this podcast alone.

Take your pick - if you're looking for something to enrich the dead space in your day that will uplift, inspire, encourage and motivate, you will not be disappointed.

(And oh my gosh is there anything better than binge-listening to podcasts? Uh, nope.)

PS - Got any podcast recommendations of your own?  Let me know!