3 ways i'm changing up christmas at our house


My friend achieves an amazing feat every Christmas. She is among the first I knew of to do the 24 days of Christmas activities and it's so darn cute and even with four kids, she still pulls it off. It was inspiring but I never tried it because, well, I'm just not built that way outside of my imaginary-life Pinterest boards.

But I want this Christmas season to be really special, and I've been inspired by Kindness Advent campaigns by Laura Kelley of Pitter Patter Art (here and here and here) so I'm going to see if we can pull off our own "A-Team Advent".

I have three goals with this.

1. Doability - My husband and I are taking no vacation time during this season. In fact, he works in retail so this is his busiest time of the year. So we will have a short list of simple activities to do on the weekends, from Friday to Sunday. They will follow the 4-week Advent calendar rather than the 24-day December one.

2. Affordability - as much as I'd love to spend a day at The Distillery Christmas Market or bake sugar cookies by the tonne, we still don't have a working oven and I want to keep these activities as cost-effective as possible. Gas for a drive downtown, parking, food and Mommy-can-we-please-get-this won't work.

3. Good News - As Santa has recently removed us from his distribution list (yessssss), I can focus the next month on Jesus without shelved-elf-type distraction (no judgement on any Elf On The Shelf families.). Our activities will involve family time, Scripture, and generosity.

I want to refine this year's Christmas to its simplest, most valuable form for our family.  Yes, I am doing some logistical work in preparation, but it's an intentionality that I hope will result in us drawing closer to Jesus and have a greater appreciation for God's love for us.  I doubt there will be any printables or well-taken re-postable photos.  Just some as-we-go documenting that I hope will spark ideas for you and yours to pare down, slow down, in your own way, and replace some of the chaos with a few incredible, meaningful memories.